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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Addie Slack as our new Medical Director.


Addie started working for us in July 2015. I had heard through the grapevine right away that she was a catch and that we were lucky to have found her. Based on my experience, as well others, they were right.

She came on as a Family Physician at the Neighborhood CHC and has worked in this capacity since then. However, in 2017 she took on the mantle of the Associate Medical Director and has also carried this administrative hat since then.


Prior to working at CHC, Inc she worked at as a Family Medicine Physician at the Denver Health, Denver CO, which is also an FQHC like CHC, Inc. She has two beautiful children and a husband that also works in the Medical Field as an Emergency Physician.


Addie has the capacity to find clarity in complex problems. She is always professional, kind, a team player and has excellent emotional intelligence IQ. She is also a fantastic clinician and is well respected by her peers.


Please congratulate Dr. Addie Slack as our New Medical Director